Study in Canada

Study in Canada

About Canada

Being the second-most biggest country in the world, Canada covers the maximum area of the North American continent. Also, it comprises three territories and ten provinces, which when combined make the Canadian federation. The complete area of Canada is scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean and northward to the Arctic ocean, making it the second-largest country in the world by area. Besides, Canada is touted to have one of the biggest economics globally because of having an abundance of natural resources.

Study in Canada - 26 Letters
Study in Canada - 26 Letters

Why study in Canada

Canada has some of the world-class educational institutions of the world. International students find a great learning environment there and learn a lot of skills other than their course programs as well.

Living in Canada

Canada’s climate consists of all four seasons. During the daytime, the temperature rises up to 35-degree Celcius and during night time it downs up to -25-degree.

In a nutshell, Canadian culture is a blend of French, British, and American. Well, Canada has some of the largest national parks in the world. Also, Churchill of northern Manitoba is the capital of polar bears. It is the home of approximately 16,000 polar bears. Besides, Canadians love to eat food from Kraft. They are the largest consumers of their dishes in the world.

The cost of living in Canada can be a bit expensive in comparison to other countries. Also, it varies from city to city. However, it’s completely worth it, as it has some of the best educational institutes in the world, which grooms your career brilliantly and skyrockets your professional life seamlessly.

The average cost of living for students in Canada

600 - 800 CA$/month

Top ten universities to study in Canada

Study in Canada - 26 Letters
Study in Canada - 26 Letters

Top ten colleges to study in Canada

Top study Courses/ Programs of Canada

English language tests to study in Canada

To study abroad in Canada, you have to perform well in the following English proficiency tests.