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26 Letters is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, Canada focused on helping students to study abroad and strategically support them in achieving their career goals while they select the best program and country of their choice. Be it Canada, Australia, USA or any European nation, we create an ambience for students to ensure they have a seamless journey through our licensed staff and provide the state-of-the-art technology to have a legendary experience.

In a nutshell, 26 Letters is a onestop solution for students who wish to study abroad on getting expert consultation, scoring highin English proficiency tests, flawlessvisa and immigration services and lastly, assistance in educational loans, allfunctioning under one roof. Finally, 26 Letters is a futuristic organization which keeps students at the centre and focus on providing best-in-class service at all times.

26 Letters Education and Consulting Inc
26 Letters Education and Consulting Inc - 26 Letters

Our Mission and Core Values

Student’s dream of studying abroad can be challenging, especially, if they don’t know what to do and how to do it. Additionally, there are plenty of educational consultants providing different options and recommendationsand lastly, the trust and financial factor comes into picture while taking the decision to move forward.

We understand these key factors are involved and further tricky decisions to make when students think of crossing borders to study, hence, 26 Letters was established with the vision to make all the aspects of studying abroad are provided with the most trustworthy and seamless services. Our core values and reasons for existence are;

  • to provide all career management services under one roof,
  • to ensure the licensed staff provide the best and wise choices for students to decide,
  • to facilitate learning and coaching using state-of-the-art technology on English proficiency and
  • to ensure that all students are given options to succeed in life irrespective of their socio-economic and geographic backgrounds.

Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is for students to think of 26 Letters when they plan for overseas education. Now, when they approach us, we will have the most advanced technology-driven organization where they can take away everything needed to achieve their career goals. From career counselling to post landing services, 26 Letters will be working side-by-side with students to become successful on their own terms.

Our goal for students is to meet their future with confidence and utmost success by ensuring the present is supported with right choices. Finally, 26 letters should be seen as the trump card and a life altering experience for students to realize their dreams come in to reality.

Our Vision - 26 Letters Education and Consulting Inc

Why Choose 26 letters?

  • A Canadian company with special focus on providing world class legendary client experience with technology and licensed staff as the key strengths.
  • A comprehensive student centric career management package offering end-to-end products and services.
  • A company built on the foundations of real time experience, trustworthiness and goodwill.
  • Finally, to summarize, it’s everything students are searching for and preparing them for a better future.
  • Partnered with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mahendra Kumar Chandran RCIC with License No. R707066 to work on all Canadian Immigration Files.
26 Letters Education and Consulting Inc

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